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All About Gadgets

“Gadgets” is the term MoxyDox uses for the graphical user interface components that display or accept information.  For example, a “Check Box Gadget” lets you click in a box to display a check mark in your document.

Below is a list of the gadgets that MoxyDox uses.  Each one has a video overview specific to that gadget.

This video here is a general overview about gadgets in general.

The MoxyDox Basics

Master the MoxyDox Basics by watching a few short videos.

MoxyDox can get you into the cloud quickly and easily. 

#1 The Power of Naming Gadgets

Properly naming your gadgets makes MoxyDox Powerful. It allows you to control flow through the document, and control the user experience. It also allows you to have a new document easily pull information from an existing document, saving you and your team valuable time – no more re-typing, or copying and pasting when filing out a new document.

#2 How To Add Gadgets

Learn how to add gadgets. It’s easy. 

#3 Duplicating, Copying, Pasting, Deleting, and UnDeleting Gadgets.

Using Menus. Buttons, and HotKey Combinations. The Power is at your fingertips.

Videos About Each Gadget

Learn about each individual gadget and how to use it.

The power of MoxyDox lies within these gadgets.

Multi-Line Text Gadget

Allows Users to Give Longer Answers.

Scribble Gadget

Allows Free Drawing and writing.

Checkbox Gadget

The Easy Way to Allow Users to Choose.

Dropdown Gadget

For Multiple Choice in a small space.

Signature Gadget

Sign a Document / Date Stamp / and Locks Signature.

Single Line Gadget

Allows Short Single Word to Full Line Answers.

Number Gadget

Limit Answer to Whole Numbers (no Decimals).

Example: Phone,  or Social Security Number.